Aaloo Matar Chicken

Traditional, Tasty and healthy at a time, I’m gonna share my most favorite recipe Alu Matar Chicken. Lets Start.


Ingredients: Potato chopped

1: Aalu/Potato 1/2 Kg

Ingredients: Mater/ Beans

2: Chicken 1/2 Kg

Ingredients: Chicken

3: Matar (Peas) 1, 1/4

4: Onion 1 Large Finely chopped

5: Tomato 2 Finely Chopped

6: Ginger Garlic paste 2 tablespoon

7: Caraway Seeds / Shahi Zeera 1/2 tsp

8: Cloves / Laung 4,5

9: Bay Leaf / Teej Patta 1/2 leafs

10: Oil 1 Cup

11: Salt 1 tsp

12: Red Chili 1 tsp

13: Turmeric Powder 1/2 tsp

14: Yogurt 3, tsp

15: Coriander leafs chopped 4 tsp


1: Finely wash Potato, Matar & Chicken.

2: Put 1 cup Cooking Oil in cooking pot or Deep Pan on medium flame

3: Add 4,5 Laung, Zeera and teej Pata and fry for few moments to mix its flavor in oil

4: Add Chicken and roust it for 5 mints

5: Add Onion and fry for 5 more mints till its color will turn light brown

6: Add Garlic Ginger paste and cook it for 3,4 mints

7: Add all spices (red chili, salt, turmeric powder) and cook it for 2,3 more mints

8: Add Potato and Peas and fry it for 3,4 mints

9: Add yogurt and Mix it well now coo it for 3,4 mints

10: Add 2 cup water for curry and cover the pot/pan for 5 mints on high flame

11: Uncover the pot/pan and cook only for 1,2 mint

12: Sprinkle Coriander leaves/Dhaniya, Gram masala, and serve it with Chapati, Tandori roti or rice.

Note: You can add or reduce spices as per your taste.


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