Best For Stomach, Weight Lose, Digestion, Famous Summer Remedy

Cumin/Zeera, Mint/Pudina, Lemon/Nimbu, Juice/Pani gives you a feel. lets try it

Cumin/Zeera, Mint/Pudina, Lemon/Nimbu, Juice/Pani

Minty Lemonade is a famous drink in Gulf countries. And if include Zeera/Cumin in it it will be much batter in taste and in benefits as well. The hotter the waether. The mint/pudina colder and better. If you drink a cup of mint tea at night, you will get a good night’s sleep. Pudina/Mint is also very good for the stomach.

Cumin/Zeera used as a golden remedy for digestion

½ cup Mint Leaves
2 tsp Cumin Seeds
1/4 tsp Black Salt
1/4 tsp salt
1 Lemon Juice
Sugar: As per taste


Fry Zeera for 2 mints

Roast Zeera for 2 to 3 Mints Until its color changed

Add Water 1 glass

Put 1 Glass Water and start boiling, on medium flame

Boil for 5 mints

5 mints on medium heat and it change its color like this & remove it from stove

Putt all ingrediants

Put Zeera Boiled Water, Pudina, And all ingredients in blender and blend well

Strain it

Strain the mixture using strainer

Now its ready to present.


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