Enjoy these flavors of Lassi in the scorching heat in this summer

The heat has intensified, everyone wants to enjoy new dishes at the end of Ramadan and Eid holidays, and In this case if different flavors of Lassi are made, the taste of Eid holidays will be doubled, the body will be strengthened and dehydration will be completed, cool Lassi is also very popular in summer, let’s read full post to see different flavors.

1: Doodh Ke Kachi Lassi

Milk and yogurt is very useful in hot weather, cool and delicious Lassi not only improves digestion but also protects from hot air.


Milk: Half a liter

Yogurt: One kilo

Water: Half a liter

Sugar: As required

Ice Cubes: A Few Numbers

Rose and cinnamon juice: A few drops


Blend everything except ice and serve later with ice cubes, use salt instead of sugar to make salty Lassi.

The use of kachi/raw Lassi in hot weather protects against heat grains and keeps the body temperature normal.

2: Mango Lassi


Mango: A cup cut into cubes

Sugar: 2 tablespoons

Milk: 1 cup

Yogurt: 1 cup


Put the mango in a grinder, add sugar, milk and yogurt and blend well. when properly mixed, add ice and blend again.

Take out the cold mango Lassi in a glass and present it.

3: Khajoor Lassi


Yogurt: Half a kilo

Dates: Eight pieces

Shera: One and a half cup

Pomegranate Seed Powder: One tablespoon

Ice Cubes: as needed


Blend yogurt, syrup, dates, pomegranate seeds and ice in a blender, palm butter is ready

4: Mint Lassi


Yogurt: 300 ml

Sugar: Two tablespoons

Dried Mint: One tablespoon

Roasted and crushed cumin: a pinch

Ice Cube: A Tray

Fresh mint leaves: For garnish


Put 300 ml yogurt, two tablespoons sugar, one tablespoon dried mint in a blender and mix well.Now add a few ice cubes and blend. Garnish with roasted, crushed cumin and fresh mint and serve it.

Try it, and enjoy the flavors.


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