Be a successful is every human’s wish. Everybody struggling day and nights to become successful in life. When we start dreaming to be a successful person. First question which comes in our mind is: How?. Take a step and introduce yourself to yourself. Who am i? and ask a question what i want?

Identify your goals, Aim. Chose right path to approach your targets. Struggle harder toward your main goal. Do not fed up. give up. get rid off. Success is yours.

What is success?

There is no universal definition for success. We can say Understand the purpose of your life. Working hard and achieving goals. Feeling of excitement about what you did. Living a life you can feel proud is called success.


To become a successful in life remember the KEY of success “Don’t Quit”. Try again and again. At last you will achieve what you want.

Success factors:

All of these factors are important for a person to have a successful life. Systematically implementation of these success factors in your life. You can put your foot on the accelerator of your career. You can have the successful life for yourself.


To earn more you should learn more. We can observe in daily routine. Educated people are valued more, respected more and ultimately paid more money and promoted more often. On the basis of their knowledge, ideas and techniques they contribute a lot on their work.


Skills are to important toward your work. How you are doing the thing in effective way. How you are making difficult tasks easier. Increase your skills by study, practices. It helps you to move toward your desired results.


A person with wide range of contacts can make a notable place in any market. in any business, in life. Your success directly connected with your network. Try to make good and qualified contacts. Related toy your field, lifestyle.


Money plays a core role in success. If we study every successful person’s story one thing will be common and that is “Saving”. Don’t spend on useless stuffs. Save money for dead end time. Money gives you confidence that you can move, travel, survive to avail opportunities.

Observe one thing. You are free as your options. If you don’t have any option. You have no freedom. For example you are in trouble. Looking for some support. 1st option is your pocket otherwise you can avail your savings. Without options you can’t get out of it.

Good Work Habits:

You must be proactive. Think before acting upon something. The best way is to make a list of tasks. Mark with priority basis before starting

Another thing. Organized, prepared persons can perform work in between deadlines as compare to disorganized.

Positive Mental Attitude

Don’t think negative. Be positive in any situation. Study yourself how you are taking negative circumstances. Positive attitude is too important for decision making.

Positive Image:

People judge you from your Clothing, Style, your grooming enhance your image by your look .First impression is last impression. Try to develop your positive image.


Creativity is something that requires that you continually look for better, faster, easier, cheaper ways to get the job done. Remember, one good idea is all you need to start a fortune.


Self discipline, and honesty opens several doors for your best successful life. Don’t brake others trust. Trust is basic foundation of any relation with others. Build your trust level.

Big 5-Personality factors:

Dr. Arthur Poropat, senior lecturer at Griffith University, conducted reviews on the Big 5 personality factors conscientiousness, openness, emotional stability, extroversion, and agreeableness. People with high levels of these traits were more likely to achieve high grades than people with high IQs.

Big 5 personality traits
Personality Factors

How to implement success factors?

Nothing to worry with if you are going to groom yourself. Keep in mind some basic rules that every successful person practiced in their life. Identify your core competencies and skills. Set goals to achieve in life. Chose right paths and directions.

In start you may think its too tough but i guarantee you once you start working. You will enjoy the moments of growth. You may fails one, two, three times but at the end success is waiting for you.

I think its batter to share a story of a king who was about to lose the fight he left fighting and run away from battle field. Enemy soldiers were chasing him. He hid himself in a pit. He had lost hope.

Suddenly he saw an ant crawling on the wall of the pit. He saw ant climbing the wall but falling down. It rises again and again and again but falls. For the eleventh time, she finally manages to get out of the pit.

The king was in shock to see this.He thinks that when an ant did not give up. She kept trying. I am a king. why i cant win the battle. He very impressed and comes out of the pit to the battlefield. People say that then King fought with all his might and won the war.

Don’t lose your focus from your goals. Keep trying to meet the targets. Once you lift attention your results will be different as you want. you will lose the courage.

Continues struggle will leads you toward success. Failure is not to give up. Every unsuccessful attempt give you another chance to do batter then previous. Add more to make it batter to perfect.


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