Creating a perfect website from you can earn money a lot is not too difficult nowadays. If you are using it as part time or full time as hobby or profession you can earn well. Question is how to create a website and earn money? Actually it’s not to difficult. you just have to follow only few steps to build a responsive and earning website.

How to create a website and earn money?
Just for Example

Follow Just Few Steps:

To create a website and earn money a lot you need to following steps.

1: Chose Topic | Business | Content to publish

Howw to chose topic or idea for creating your new website
For reference

Topic/content is most important thing to grab visitor’s attention. If you have topic in mind you can get traffic on your website easily

It should be clear, managed, and finely composed with focused keywords. To generate keywords you can get help from SEMrush, Google AdWords etc.

2: Chose Target Market | Target audiences

How to chose target market. you can search online to get ideas.
For reference

After your content choice you should aware about your visitors. Their age groups, demographics, interests. It will make much easier to convey your message to your audiences

3: Secure domain

Namesilo and godaddy are the best and cheaper platforms to purchase website.

Purchase a domain. It Must be with dot com. dot org. dot ae, pk, ca and so on. Remember domains with tk, to, or extensions like etc can’t make you able to monetize. so you can’t earn money from these domains. There are several domain providers. you can purchase online easily within just 19, 20 USD likely from,

4: Chose a fast and supportive web hosting

Once you decided your content. Target market or audiences and purchased domain now its important to get space on online server where you can put your website database to go online. you also can purchase best web hosting plans from, namesilo in very affordable rates.

5: Website builder | Theme selection and designing

Chose best developer, i recommend you to chose wordpress.

There are thousands themes are available on online free and premium bases. to use themes you need to chose a developer. I you don’t know coding no need to worry about it. You can use world famous WorldPress, blogger. I recommend you to use wordpress. because its to simple and easy to use. if you have just little bit awareness you can build a dashing website.

6: Create posts| Write contents | Post your products to sale

Add new post. to publish

You are almost done. Now the time to put some data on your website to show your visitors. if you are going to write articles try to chose trending topics like, Current situation, global warming, technology, new inventions etc. If you are thinking how to write contents? its not difficult you must be well prepared about writing art. should include:


1st line of your topic “Title” it should be clear and comprehensive to understand. It should cover your focus keyphrases.


Text after introduction must be written in subheadings. If you want to expand you topic.


If you want to add some options, different items in same topic, You should write it down in bullets like

  • Product A
    • Product ab
      • Product abc
  • Product B
    • Product ab
    • Product ac
  • Product C

Images & Videos

Images and videos makes your article more clear. Don’t use copyrighted material otherwise you can’t rank on google. And can not monetize your website.

Internal links

Internal links help your visitors to land in your website’s another page, or on another portion of your same page. it will make visitor more comfortable to read full article, or articles.

Outside links

You can use outside links to refer on another website, to give credit for any picture, news, article of any other author or website

7: Start Advertising and promotions

Join google products:

  • Google Analytics: To trace performance and progress
  • Google AdWords: To get more treffic
  • Google AdSense: To play ads on your website to earn money

8: keep your website fresh

Should post on daily basis to earn well. f you will give gaps it will affect your website ranking

Best of Luck for your website

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