Israel’s first commercial flight arrives in Abu Dhabi following decision to establish diplomatic relations between UAE and Israel.

Israel Airline

It flew from an airport named after Ben Gurion. The founder and first prime minister of Israel, and reached Abu Dhabi via Saudi Arabia.

Jared Kishner, son-in-law and senior adviser to US President Donald Trump, and Mayor Ben Shabat, Israel’s national security adviser, were aboard the AIEI 971.

An Israeli flight from Tel Aviv.”Of course it’s a historic flight, but more than that, we hope it’s the beginning of a historic journey to the Middle East,” Kishner said.

For the first time in history. An Israeli plane reached the United Arab Emirates using Saudi airspace. The flight was allowed to use exclusively Saudi airspace to travel to the UAE.

This is the first time any direct Israeli flight has used Saudi airspace. Earlier, Saudi Arabia allowed Indian Airlines to use Saudi Arabia’s airspace.

However, Israeli flights had to travel long distances across the Red Sea. Jared Kishner, son-in-law and senior adviser D.Trump, and Mayor Ben Shabat, Israel’s national security adviser, were aboard.

In a tweet, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the flight an example of “peace for peace”. “This reflects our traditional position.

Friendship with neighboring Arab countries does not necessarily mean that Israel returns the occupied Palestinian territories,” he said.

After Egypt and Jordan. The UAE become 3rd Arab country to establish diplomatic relations with Israel. In response. Israel postponing his decision to annex the Occupied Palestinian Territories in West Jordan to Israel.

Palestinian leaders called the UAE’s decision a betrayal of the Palestinian cause. Iran has sharply criticized the deal. While Turkey has also criticized the deal, despite its ties with Israel.

Pakistan reacted cautiously to its economic dependence on the UAE. Pakistan released a message, saying, The decision would have “far-reaching effects”.

Pakistan will move forward with the Palestinian right to self-determination and peace, security and stability in the region.


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