Michael Jackson is the world’s most bought, listened to and seen singer and dancer to date. CDs of his songs have sold over 350 million copies worldwide. He is known as The king of pop music till to date.

Michael Jackson’s real name was “Michael Joseph Jackson”.

He was born on 29th August 1958 in Coggiri, Indiana, USA.

He practically started singing in 1964 in his brothers’ band.

His four brothers. Jackie Jackson. Tito Jackson. Jermaine Jackson. Marilyn Jackson were already practicing singing and playing music.

With the addition of Michael Jackson. The Jackson family became known as the “Jackson Five”.

He started singing solo to make a name for himself in 1971 with Motown Records a major music company.

By the 1980s. He had become a well-known singer. I was also included. It was black. Its popularity in a country like the United States crushed all class struggles.

Four moons of its popularity were spent by the then American TV MTV. In 1987. He released his second album “Bad”.

Which became even more famous than “Thriller”, breaking all records in American history. In the nineties. He released videos called “Black or White” and “Scream”.

After that he made the goddess of fame kind to himself. Out of love, he traveled countries to countries to perform. He performed the most successful programs ever.

In this way his fame crossed the borders of the country and reached every taste man in the world. He was a singer but most of his fans love him because of his dance.

He is the only singer in the world who is the number one dancer in the world with beautiful voice.

Michael introduce the techniques robot and moonwalk which are the most important and popular dancing techniques in the dance world till date.

The album “Thriller” alone has 66 million copies. According to Forbes. The world’s leading analytics company. The United States earned 25 825 million in 2016 from Michael Jackson’s videos and songs alone.

Michael Jackson is the most award winning person in the world. If you take a quick look at its awards, you will be amazed. The following are:

  1. American Music Awards: 26
  2. Billboard Music Awards: 17
  3. Brit Awards: 06
  4. Grammy Awards: 15
  5. Guinness World Records: 39
  6. MTV Video Music Awards: 18
  7. Civil Train Awards: 12
  8. World Music Awards: 16

In addition. There are hundreds of other small awards that can be found on the Internet. Michael Jackson is considered an icon of dance all over the world.

There is no one in the world who has heard the name of dance and the idea of Michael Jackson did not come to his mind.

Jackson became a metaphor of dance and in terms of song it He is called the King of Pop. He also composed the music for his songs and also wrote the poetry himself.

Towards the end of his life, he was busy preparing for a concert that included tours of different countries.

According to reports. Michael died suddenly on 25th June 2009 after receiving high doses of propofol and benzodiazepine due to negligence of his doctor. His age was 45 .

Its sound saddened the art lovers all over the world and this tragedy of revelation passed down to the world like a small resurrection.

Probably he was the only person in the world. Even after his death. people bought expensive tickets and attended the last rites of their hero.

Now let’s look at the other side of Michael Jackson’s life. He was viewed from the wrong angle around the world.

This thing made controversial by people with very little knowledge. Stereotypes and limited mental breadth.

Some people have tried to portray it as religious, warning, promising and instructive. This is a sign of gross abuse and misunderstanding.

It is important to mention here the things that Michael Jackson hated in any way or he wanted to get rid of these things or things.

There are four basic things in that Michael hated always. Everything else revolves around them.

  1. He hated his black color
  2. He hated anonymous life
  3. He hated his past
  4. He hated dying at a young age and he wanted to live 150 years.

If we talk about Michael Jackson. We have to acknowledge and appreciate how revolutionary he was in changing his personality.

1: He hated his black color:

He not only changed his image. Jackson said goodbye to black forever and became the owner of white (like the British) a brand new Michael.

Such a personality revolution did not exist before Michael Jackson, nor does it exist after him.Now some people say that he hated his black color or he was suffering from inferiority complex.

I did not read anything like that during my research. Its my thinking that it’s wrong to think of inferiority complex. it was because he gained fame in singing and dancing in black.

I read that Michael Jackson had vitiligo/vitiation. We know that this disease is not as dangerous as it causes ugliness.

Instead of fighting this disease and looking ugly. Michael painted his whole complexion in the color of this disease and did not allow the vitiligo to affect his complexion at all.

When I think about it. I am amazed at how revolutionary minded this man. Instead of being disturbed by the disease. He hide the disease in himself.

He slapped to vitiligo. I think disease became ashamed of itself. Certainly not a single person on earth.

2: He hated his anonymous:

It is said that Michael Jackson hated his anonymous life. So for that I just want to say who is the person who doesn’t want to be famous.

If you look at it. Michael Jackson was better than the millions of people who presented the world’s first most diverse and most interesting performances of his art.

He gained fame which people just wished. God gave him fame according to his hard work. There is hardly anyone in the world today who does not know Michael Jackson.

3: He hated his past.

To answer this. I would like to ask the question. why does a man love his past? Obviously. Love only happens when the past is good and if the past is not good, then it will be hated.

What was Michael Jackson’s past? Poverty, cursing, cursing, anonymity, flattery and even singing in his own brothers’ band were not allowed. He was only for playing the tambourine.

His father and brother used to torture him and make him do all the work. Who would want to remember such a past cocoon?

That’s why he hired white parents. Made white friends. What’s wrong with that? This was his own personal thought. His revolution is evident in the fact that no one in human history has ever done so.

He was black and he defeated his blackness by living in this class society so much that he married Lisa Marie Presley. The daughter of the famous singer Elvis Aaron Presley.

These were the highest tactics he could use to revolutionize his personality.

4: He hated death at an early age

He hated death at an early age and wanted to live at least 150 years. Ever since the world came into being. Everyone dreams of living in the world as much as possible. Some people have dreams of living forever.

He thought differently and started revolutionary measures to survive for a long time. He slept in an oxygen tent. Wearing gloves and a face mask to avoid germs, viruses and diseases.

The food would have a daily laboratory test and then it would eat it. He hired several people. They were hired to donate him organs When his organs such as heart, liver and kidneys were damaged.

He was paying them amount to donors. He appointed 12 world’s best doctors. Who examined each of his organs daily.

Michael Jackson could not escape death. He did not want to escape from death. He just wanted to live a long life.

In fact it is so natural that we pray daily for longer life of our children. adults and even the elderly.

This wish of the great revolutionary man in this personality could not be fulfilled. He passed away on June 25, 2009 in just 30 minutes from this mortal world.

The sudden announcement of the late singer and dancer was read by 800,000 people on Google in ten minutes.

This caused Google’s search engine to slow down. Google owners apologized to their users for the first and last time for 25 minutes.


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