Nowadays some issues highlighted in Pakistan. Every 2nd person discussing about it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube in short its circulating on every channel. Take a look on overall situation going on in Pakistan as an Islamic state. There is nothing according to Islam. Read the article and correct me if i am wrong.

Pakistan is facing a lot of difficulties at this time. The most highlighted difficulty is Unawareness, Hippocratic and corrupt politicians. who are looting the nation and country by two hands.

Islamic republic of Pakistan
Islamic republic of Pakistan


  1. During election campaigns Mr Khan said we will establish Islamic state like “Madina”.
  2. Prime Minister Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi allowed hindu community to construct temple/mandir in Islamabad
  3. Imran khan declared qadiyani community as minority in Pakistan
  4. Pm Imran Khan kicked out all corrupt politicians

Every second person contributing according to his knowledge and capacity of thinking. In Pakistan on every 2 square meter you can meet a political expert, an Islamic scholar, a law maker, a doctor and a philosopher.

برباد گلیستاں کرنے کو تو ایک ہی الو کافی تھا۔

ہر شاک پی اللو بیٹھا ہے انجام گلستان کیا ہوگا۔

Concept of Islamic State/Riyasat e Madina:

Concept of riyasat e madina based on the state established by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). In which Prophet (P.B.U.H) made brotherhood and peaceful environment.

He (P.B.U.H) made rules, regulations, for justice, for society, for individuals and for state as well and made example for all.

Value of that state transferred to next decades through Khulafa e rashideen. In the state of Madina the second caliph of Islam Hazrat Umar (RA), would not let a dog go hungry fearing that he would have to give answer for it before Allah Almighty.

Take a look on Pakistan before and after:

Concept behind Pakistan:

Ideology behind Pakistan was to form a state where Muslims can live, preach and offer their prays free of pressure by other religions.

everyone can live freely in Pakistan. There is no hate for anyone. Muhammad Ali Jinah wished a country and nation free of non-Muslim norms, values.

Today’s Pakistan:

Its approximately up to 70 plus years. Pakistan was formed. Other nations which got freedom after Pakistan are much more developed and stable from Pakistan.

Pakistan looted by every ruling person and party. No buddy did anything to develop, to grow, to make stable.

Political parties fighting for power, not for nation’s betterment. PMLN, PPP ruled pakistan over the 5 tenors. Transferred money Swiss banks.

Most of political leaders have properties in Dubai, England, Mills, Factories in other countries. They are investing in other countries. But ruling over Pakistan.

General overview on Pakistan:

  • People are still dying with hunger, thrust, in Baluchistan, Sindh.
  • Child labor is on peak
  • Woman trafficking, Child trafficking, Human trafficking growing under politician’s shadows
  • Drugs mafia, Target killing, Bomb blasts, are normal thing
  • If 20, 25 dies people ignore it as nothing happened, They ignore by saying “Just 20 Died”
  • In Qasoor city over 400 children were raped recorded in videos and even killed
  • Police demanding bribe openly

My questions are:

  1. Is it Islamic state?
  2. Are these Islamic values?

I am a Pakistani, A Muslim, A Civilized Citizen. I am saying openly . If its Islam, i am not muslim, I like to be juesh or Hindu.

  • Muslims are divided in divisions Wahabi, Sunni, Devbandi, Shia. Infact no one like to be a Muslim.
  • People like to introduce as a Sindhi, Baluchi, Punjabi, kpkian, instead of Pakistani.
  • I know personally some my close friends who are from religious background, who like to have a visit to Bazar e Husn/Heera Mandi properly once a week.
  • I also know some names who are involved in women trafficking. even i know some people who are using their wives for prostitution.
  • A little Zanib from qasoor raped and killed, Killer was there in people who was searching missing kid.
  • 400 kid’s rapers are freely wondering just because of political support.
  • Every year several kids losing lives due to lake of food and water in “Tharr”. Their politicians sleeping in their palaces under air conditions.
  • Afia siddique jailed by USA no one even tried to raise a voice about her.
  • In Lahore model town several were killed in encounter type attack by authorities but there is no action
  • Drugs available in universities, colleges, tombs, graveyards city, towns. No one taking action
  • Two real brother who were hafiz e quran killed by civilians in front of police and 1122 emergency cell
  • Where was nawaz sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Asif Ali Zardari, human rights, news, media?
  • Due to corona pandemic. Health authorities requested the nation to wear mask, mask price goes up.
  • Doctors suggest some medicines and injections. Pharmacists raised its prices from 5000 to 5lac.
  • After a trial doctors suggested that if we inject a recovered patient’s plasma to corona infected person, it will may help to recover fast.
  • Remember it was just trial based study, not authentic and final solution. Pakistani, Muslims, Street doctors, phosphors, lawyers, Islamic scholars started to sell plasma in RS 5 lac.

Is this islam?

Is this Islami Riyasat?

Is this Jinahs Pakistan?

Temple construction Issue:

Faith leaders, Politicians, Opposition parties calling to stop construction. If we spend a moment to study fewer from past we can realize PMLN allotted plot for temple. and granted 20 lac for construction.

Whats wrong if construct a temple for hindus who are by born Paistani. They are not just Pakistani they even have love and spirit to die for their country.

They are serving on high posts in Pakistan. I think its their right. They can’t preach hinduism. But they can perform their religious stuffs.

I was on a Thai airline’s flight from Dubai to Pakistan. My two Pakistani brothers ordered beer. They asked an innocent question to air hosts on food serving.

“Meet you are serving is Halal or Haram?”.

If its your Islam. I am not a Muslim. I recommend everybody please don’t follow this islam. Its not Muhammad e Arabi (P.B.U.H) ‘s Islam.

Beauty of islam is, Its for everyone. Islam never ever allows you to hurt anyone. Even islam said you can never be a true muslim if others are not safe from your hands and toungh.

PM Imran Khan’s contribution:

World recognizing pakistan after Imran Khan become prime minister of Pakistan. Imran khan Niazi trying to put this d-tracked nation on a right track.

He is trying to implement rules and regulation, Law and orders. He is trying to finish roots of corruption from this country.


Today’s Pakistan is not Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Its just a land of corrupt people. A land of unaware, non-civilize, uneducated, mently slaves.

wake up Pakistani nation. Understand your purpose of existence. Get united instead of fighting on whabi shia sunni devbandi.

I swear if you people get united no power on this earth can undo your doings.


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