Solar eclipse in UAE started on 8:14:45 AM today. it will be maximum on 09:36:06 Am. Partial solar eclipse in UAE ends on 11:12:07 AM. Moon leaves the sun’s edge on 93 degree.

During eclipse people should avoid looking at sun without protection.

If you want to look you should wear sunglasses or filters specially made for it. It can be harmful for eyesight.

Areas that eclipse will covers:

Areas that will witness this solar eclipse are located within a narrow strip starting from southern Sudan with a width of 65km.

It will travel toward east and continue decreasing in view while passing over Yemen. Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Areas eclipse will covers

its width in the east of Oman becomes only 33km. Some areas of these countries will witness an annular eclipse while their remaining areas. Arab countries including Unite Arab Emirates can be witness this eclipse. You can watch it live by clicking here

Solar Eclipse Theory:

Solar eclipse
Solar eclipse
Moon's near side
Source: NASA
Moon's far side
Source: NASA

An annular solar eclipse occurs when the moon is located between the earth and the sun. And its apparent diameter is slightly smaller. Than the apparent diameter of the sun. The moment when it crossing the sun called eclipse. There are three stages:

  • When moon touch the sun’s edge
  • When moon in center
  • When moon leaving the sun’s edge

During eclipse dont look at sun without complete protection. use sunglasses or filters made for it. If you are watching via telescope use only metallic body telescope. If use sunglasses then turn to east. Put sunglasses on eyes and then turn to look at sun.

Remember. Don’t look with filter which made for photography. or glasses available in market. Must use only special filters and sunglasses.

Eclipse timing for other regions:

Eclipse can be witness from following regions. It will begin at 8:14:47 according to United Arab Emirates local time. When the moon will begin moving in front of the sun. The eclipse will be over at 11:12:04.

Solar eclipse of June 21 will be visible from parts of

  • Africa including Central African Republic
  • Congo
  • Ethiopia
  • South of Pakistan
  • Northern India
  • China

The ring of fire can be seen first in northeastern Republic of Congo at 5:56 local time. just few minutes after sunrise. This is point of maximum duration. In which with the blackout lasting 1 minute and 22 seconds.


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