Biden Vs Trump
US election

Joe Biden from democrat party made significant gains on republican’s Donald Trump.

He got notable record votes in the key states of Pennsylvania and Georgia throughout Friday.

If Mr Biden wins Pennsylvania he will win the presidency. Joe Biden is now within half a percentage point of the total lead in both states, having been significantly behind before postal votes were added.

With just a few thousand votes still to be counted. It is still too early to project a winner in both these states that voted for Mr Trump in 2016.

In Arizona, the opposite is happening. Mr Donald Trump is gaining on Mr Joe Biden’s early lead as votes come in from the most populous county in the state, Maricopa, Which includes state capital Phoenix.

It is also too early to project Nevada, North Carolina and Alaska right now as vote counters await the arrival of ballots posted on or before election day.

According to the results received so far, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden has not only become the highest scoring candidate in the presidential election, but he has also become the first candidate to get more than 70 million votes.

He has so far received more than 7 crore and 24,000 votes, which is 50.2% of the total votes. Receiving such a large number of Biden votes is a unique record of its kind.

The Republican candidate and the 45th President Donald Trump has received 67.36 million votes so far. The turnout was 48.2 percent.

Remember, before Joe Biden, the highest number of votes was held by Democrat President Barack Obama, who received 69,498,516 votes in the 2008 election.


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